15th July 2010.

Today MolPort announces that a connection has been established between its compound procurement module and the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ChemSpider, the structure-centric community for chemists. A link has been created from ChemSpider to MolPort so that ChemSpider users can readily order rare chemicals for their research identified through ChemSpider’s website.

The Internet is an ever-growing resource for chemical information. But searching it for chemical compounds has been inefficient because of the difficulty of searching via conventional search engines. To overcome this problem, ChemSpider has built an aggregation and search service that links to more than 300 information sources: patent information, scientific literature, public databases and web resources. ChemSpider also provides unique community features that allow users to correct information on the website and add additional resources.

However, even if chemists are able to find the information they need on a rare chemical using resources like ChemSpider, they are often unable to readily order the compound. Even if researchers are able to locate a supplier, the ordering process still often takes rounds of communication and is very time consuming. By integrating with ChemSpider, MolPort’s centralized ordering service for rare chemicals reduces these chores to a minimum; for example, compounds from multiple suppliers can be obtained with a single order through MolPort.

Suppliers are rated for their reliability and service on MolPort’s website by users. Researchers can review a list of potential suppliers and their performance before picking a supplier rated with the best customer service and placing orders with the chosen supplier. By joining forces with resources like ChemSpider, MolPort serves as a one-stop shop for researchers seeking rare chemicals.

MolPort CEO, Imants Zudans Ph.D., commented, “We are excited about the integration of information between MolPort and ChemSpider. We anticipate that the connection between the two websites will improve the online experience of a researcher searching for information about specific and rare chemicals, improving their productivity and effectiveness.”

Antony Williams, VP of strategic Development for ChemSpider at RSC added, “MolPort addresses a common need for the users of ChemSpider, that of helping to source a particular chemical. Our focus is on delivering functionality and integrations on ChemSpider to facilitate chemists in their work and the integration to MolPort is a natural extension.”
About MolPort

MolPort is a unique and global chemical compound marketplace for hassle –free, centralized ordering of rare chemicals. MolPort has created a world-class database of commercially available chemical compounds. The free online search portal, www.molport.com, features unsurpassed, advanced search capabilities for chemical structures that are expressly geared for a sophisticated and demanding user.

Contact Details:

Imants Zudans PhD

SIA MolPort
Smerla iela 3
Riga, LV-1006

Email: info@molport.comPhone: +371 67790398
Fax: +371 67801123
About the Royal Society of Chemistry

The RSC is the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences Supported by a worldwide network of members and an international publishing business. RSC activities span education, conferences, science policy and the promotion of chemistry to the public. www.rsc.org
About ChemSpider

ChemSpider offers a structure centric community for chemists to resource data. Offering access to almost 25 million unique chemical entities from over 300 data sources and by providing a platform for crowd sourced deposition, annotation and curation, it is the richest source of free integrated chemistry information available online. ChemSpider delivers data and services to enable the semantic web for chemistry. www.chemspider.com

Contact Details:

Antony Williams PhD, FRSC
VP Strategic Development
ChemSpider, Royal Society of Chemistry

Email: info@chemspider.com

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