Maybe it is the success of the Spectral Game that is driving more depositions of spectral data onto ChemSpider, or ChemSpider itself is garnering a greater following or we simply have some great supporters. Either way, there has been a significant increase in the number of spectra making their way onto ChemSpider with an increase in the number of IR spectra being deposited and an increase in the number of very high quality NMR spectra. I especially acknowledge the contributions being made by Heinz Kolshorn who is not only depositing spectra but also assignments. As an example see the spectra here and the associated assignments in the images section as shown below. Contributions from scientists such as Heinz continue to enhance ChemSpider and make it a rich resource for the community.


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  1. Ben Schell says:


    Just a quick note: your RSS feed ( isn’t working properly and it’s been that way for at least a month. Also, the link to the feed for the individual entries ( for this entry, for instance) also don’t work.

    Just a heads up! We’ve been linking to your site from, but we’ve got to remove the link on our new link page ( since the RSS feed doesn’t work.

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