I blogged yesterday about our release of Wikipedia Services on ChemSpider and how we are working to support authors on Wikipedia articles. Of course there are MANY languages of Wikipedia (as shown below) and we are willing to produce multilingual support. All we need is someone from the specific language version of Wikipedia to contact us and map the ChemBoxes and Drugboxes into their relevant languages. Let us know if you are interested.


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3 Responses to “Multilingual Support for Wikipedia Services on ChemSpider”

  1. Physchim62 says:

    I’m working on creating the map, for internal Wikipedia reasons as well as for ChemSpider. If anyone wants to propose a language for a pilot scheme, please let me know: otherwise, I am naming French and German as priorities.

  2. Physchim62 says:

    Just a quick update: I have supplied the maps from German and Spanish (French proved a bit more tricky) if ChemSpider wants to run those languages as a pilot. There are 52 languages (in at least thirteen different scripts) which use some sort of “wikibox” for chemical compounds, so the full set of maps will take a bit more time to prepare! In any case, each language version of Wikipedia is a separate project, so it would be sensible to get some feedback from our editors as well!

    In particular, the IUPAC name will always be in English as far as I can see. This shouldn’t be a huge problem for experienced editors in other languages, but it makes the feature less attractive for fly-by novices. Again, this is a point which we need to discuss at Wikipedia. As we have several point which will need to be discussed between the different language versions in the coming months, I will certainly add the ChemSpider tool onto the list.

  3. Antony Williams says:

    We’ve added German and Spanish support overnight as described here: http://www.chemspider.com/blog/german-and-spanish-wikibox-support-added.html

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