Oh bless the power of the blogosphere. I have about 250 blogs on my blogroll and one of them is wikinomics. AS with all things nowadays, email, voice mail, mail itself, I have to get through them all at a rather frantic pace just to leave time for real work. reading through 135 new blog posts generated overnight I hit a very interesting post by Jude Fiorillo all about the SearchMe.com search engine and its visual way of displaying hits. LOVE IT!!!

What does this “yet one more search engine” offer? Judes comments “What’s special about this search engine is that when you query a topic, the websites returned to you are displayed visually (similar to Apple’s cover flow) rather than in list form. A picture is worth 1000 words so they say, so it makes sense that with 1 quick look at the preview pane of a website, you can better filter your results, and roughly gauge the quality of the website (by it’s professionalism and aesthetic, available content, and general message).”

Does it deliver…oh yes. I did a search on ChemSpider and I saw the results here. I “saw” web pages about ChemSpider I’d never seen before. Easy to navigate. Very sweet. These guys will get bought by Google…

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  1. Egon Willighagen says:

    Very nice indeed… previews are a bit small for my eyes… but really cool GUI :)

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