nature-chemistryNature have released their Nature Chemistry journal and in their press release they commented on some of the resources they are linking out to.

“…Nature Chemistry articles are annotated to identify all of the chemical compounds mentioned throughout the text. Users can choose to view the article with all of the compounds highlighted, and find out more about those compounds by linking out to other information resources including PubChem and ChemSpider.”

It’s great to be seen as a database of value to be linked to! Neil Withers highlighted it in his blogpost too.

Egon has already given a good overview of the markup and semantic nature of the articles so I won’t repeat that. Egon did comment in his post: “Like many other chemistry journals, Nature Chemistry does not consider properties of the molecule interesting, and NMR spectra are hidden in the Supplementary Information. This paper in particular, disregards a lot of machine readable facts by putting all experimental section bits in a PDF document. So, the next challenge for Nature Chemistry will be to get the authors of papers contribute the original spectra (JCAMP-DX, CMLSpect, etc) in the supplementary information section. Better, have the raw data or even the NMR peak-atom annotations deposited in public repositories such ”

We have done this on the ChemSPider Journal of Chemistry already for this example.

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