As ChemSpider has grown in the amount and diversity of data that we link to our interface has had to evolve. The reality is that our pages have started to become heavy with data and information and, in many ways, can be unwieldy for some of the pages. As a result we have introduced Tabbed Infoboxes to make navigation much easier.

These tabbed infoboxes collapse the information into an infobox but keep them segregated under various tabs. The two examples below are from the present site that is online and shows the data sources box (now it’s EASY to find all chemical vendors under an aggregated infobox tab called chemical vendors) and the patents infobox, using the SureChem service and separating the tabs into different patent classes.

What I will unveil in a later post regarding OTHER tabbed boxes will be more exciting and you will see why we have taken this path shortly.

data sources


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