A lot happens in a a few weeks and this past couple of months has been no different. There have been numerous developments for ChemSpider and its related projects including working on the GUI, adding in new data and a lot of infrastructure work on the core of the ChemSPider platform.

We have the ACS meeting in San Diego just around the corner and are presently working hard this week to publish our most recent update to the live servers. For those of you going to San Diego do come and visit us at the RSC booth and we will give you a demo of our most recent project that we have been working on…I’m not going to announce it before the ACS but I encourage any attendees to stop by and hear what we’re up to!

There will be a number of presentations at the meeting and the details are all listed in our online Newsletter.

Alex Tropsha (UNC-Chapel Hill) and I (Antony Williams) will be hosting an InChI Symposium at the meeting so please come along and hear how people are using InChI and some of the directions for the future!

See you in San Diego hopefully!

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