A series of new databases have been deposited into ChemSpider and has helped to expand the reach of the ChemSpider services. The index has been expanded with additions from the following depositors:

1) Over 200,000 chemical structures from the Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry have been added to the database and linked back to the publication website
2) UsefulChem molecules have been indexed and linked to the UsefulChem website. Example
3) The MDPI data have been indexed and link back to an information page. There are no molecules online so this is simply a connection to the data source.
4) Many hundreds of thousands of chemical structures supplied by Enamine have been added and linked to the structures on their website.
5) The Nanogens collection is now in ChemSpider and linked back to information about the data collection. Example

These structures are presently available for searching by text only as they need to be indexed for structure and substructure searching. The deposition system is a multi-stage process requiring generation of properties, systematic identifiers, addition to the database, indexing for searching and generation of images for review as a result of the search. These processes are not yet background processes. Please bear with us as we upgrade the index.
These data add over 1 million new structures to the database this month. We already have many more, multiple millions, to add to the database in the coming month.

At present the status is >11.7 million unique compounds and over 26 million substances from 65 total data sources.

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