One blog I check out a few times per week is that of Derek Lowe who writes In the Pipeline. What makes Derek’s blog different, in my opinion, is that he has many years under his belt as a synthetic chemist in pharma companies. He watches what is going on in his industry and makes us aware of his opinions and those of others. He’s still active in the lab and makes us aware of the challenges of lab syntheses and, I find, with some historical perspectives regarding what is “was like” then versus now. Always well written with high feedback In the Pipeline is likely one of the most frequented blogs out there.

Today I read about Schering-Plough’s thrombin receptor antagonist compound, SCH 530348. I am an SP shareholder and was rather disappointed by the recent news about Vytorin. Let’s hope the retrials provide new results. However, SCH 530348 looks more exciting according to Derek’s comments and talking to other people in the industry.

I searched ChemSpider for the structure since it seemed of interest. SCH 530348 is based on a natural product called himbacine and Derek had linked to it from his blog but, I assumed, he couldn’t find the structure of interest on the database. Neither could I. So, about 5 minutes work and it was on the database, with the link to the ASAP article and tagged etc as shown below. The link is here.


TRA-SCH 530348 is an oral antiplatelet drug under development by Schering-Plough for the treatment and prevention of atherothrombotic events in patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome, previous Myocardial Infarction, stroke, or existing peripheral arterial disease.


SCH 530348
Schering Plough
TRA-SCH 530348

Links & References

Samuel Chackalamannil, Yuguang Wang, William J. Greenlee, Zhiyong Hu, Yan Xia, Ho-Sam Ahn, George Boykow, Yunsheng Hsieh, Jairam Palamanda, Jacqueline Agans-Fantuzzi, Stan Kurowski, Michael Graziano, and Madhu Chintala . Discovery of a Novel, Orally Active Himbacine-Based Thrombin Receptor Antagonist (SCH 530348) with Potent Antiplatelet Activity, ASAP J. Med. Chem., ASAP Article
A potent series of thrombin receptor (PAR-1) antagonists based on the natural product himbacine is described.

Any user of ChemSpider can do this now. ANYONE. If you are interested in how let me know! I have some documents already prepared tou guide you through the process and need to update others but the database can be expanded by everyone now…not quite Wikipedia but not bad at all! What do you think?

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