While some say “Silence is Golden” some of us find it deafening! One of my common statements regarding Press Releases and political commentaries is there is as much said in the “unsaid”. Why this lead in to this blog post? Well….the truth is we haven’t been very productive in the past few weeks with the delivery of new functionality onto ChemSpider and people have been asking me why we haven’t been so prolific with our updates. Well….in this case Silence is Golden based on the new functionality and data rolling out soon!

Historically we were introducing new functionality every few days and rolling it out with a “continuous beta” approach to delivery. We were also working on only three computers and were challenged with issues of uptime and handling. At the RSC we have access to development, test and live environments, we have a stable compute environment supporting the system that provides power support where previously we would have been at risk of outages. We have a support team who have “got our backs” and we are not dealing with all of the issues regarding keeping the environment healthy for the ChemSpider platform. With our new hosted environment and the drive to move away from our previous constant and ongoing updates to a more controlled process for rollout, specifically including internal testing prior to going Live, we have been working on procedures to ensure the best delivery. In parallel we have been working on a series of internal projects that are very exciting and you should see the results soon!

With our new processes in place, and our new systems now established we have been working on new functionality development and are happy to announce that we will now be moving towards regular updates, every few weeks. We’re starting this week with the roll out of a set of new capabilities for you to try out. I’ll highlight these in a series of blog posts over the coming days.Let’s start with this one…

We are happy to announce an improved integration to the patent web service provided to us via our collaboration with SureChem. We announced our initial integration to this service at the ACS meeting last fall in Washington and received a lot of positive feedback regarding the implementation. That rollout only provided integration to a subset of the entire collection, the USPTO. SureChem host data from a number of patent agencies and the collection includes USPTO Granted, USPTO Applications, European Granted, European Applications, WO/PCT and Japanese Abstracts. Thanks to their web service we now have the ability to retrieve information regarding those sources also. The image below shows the patents retrieved for Xanax. Check it out…give us your feedback and extend holiday cheer to SureChem also for their contribution to the community.


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