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Following on from other posts in this series from this week I’m going to continue to list new functionality over the holiday season. I’ll continue with the “Social Widget”. What IS the Social Widget? Well…it’s this thing to the left….it is an AddThis Button that is available for every compound page on ChemSpider now. If there is a particular chemical of interest on ChemSpider that you want to include into your social networking then you can do so by choosing the social networking site of interest and “adding” the link in there. For some it posts the link and for others it posts a thumbnail of the structure there that is linked back directly into ChemSpider.

So, if I posted to Friendfeed it will send the link directly into Friendfeed. I just did it..worked perfectly. For Facebook it actually carries the thumbnail as shown below on my Facebook page. SO, deposit some of your molecules onto ChemSpider and let the world know! Add some data, tell a story, post a reaction…and use AddThis to tell your network!


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  1. Antony Williams says:

    I’ve received a couple of pings about my Facebook page. It’s here:

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