Issue 2 of the ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry (CJOC) is released and this month’s articles are being deposited over the next few days.

Yesterday I received an article entitled “Applications of Computer-Aided Methods of Structure Elucidation to the  Revision of Chemical Structures. I. Structure Revision of Lamellarin g.

This manuscript was deposited, marked up, inked up to structures and published via the ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry in less than an hour. It is available here. (I knew a bit about it as I was a co-author but the final manuscript came from my colleague Mikhail Elyashberg.

Overnight the first peer reviewer had commented and the comments were made public. Check the manuscript for details. We’ve now added another  RSS feed for comments made on the CJOC articles and it is available here:

Not every publication is so “easy” to publish…another 70 “page” manuscript was published today “Computer-assisted methods for molecular structure elucidation: Realizing a spectroscopist’s dream. ” and is a marked up version of our manuscript recently published on Journal of Cheminformatics. When the HTML version of the article is available on the journal we will replace our version with theirs and markup their version.

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