We’ve been helping to host data for J.C Bradleys’ (Drexel University) UsefulChem Open Notebook Science project for a number of months now. We are hosting their structures, some CIF files, images and spectral data. There are now hundreds of spectra deposited onto ChemSpider, some as Open Data, some not. One of the latest examples of UsefulChem analytical data is here where there is an NMR spectrum and an IR spectrum posted.

We are interested to see whether there are any other Open Notebook Science groups who would be interested in working with us to further the support of Open Notebook Science. Would anybody be interested in testing the new Rich Text Format editing support as a part of ONS Support. Let us know.

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  1. Cameron neylon says:

    Tony, this is might be a good thing to try out with the safety data we talked briefly about a few months back. We’re not doing any synthesis at the moment but we do need to get a load of chemical safety data together. Will send you an email offline but in essence it would be interesting to have a template that people could drop into and fill out for specific compounds as they come up.

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