We just returned from the IUPAC Congress in Glasgow Scotland where we unveiled the new ChemSpider logo, booth, catalog, ChemSpider game (!) and spent time talking to lots of delegates. I summarized the experience for the team involved with making RSC ChemSpider one of the most exciting things to see on the exhibition floor…the communication I sent around is below. I hope it conveys the pride we have for what was done in a very short period of time following ChemSpider joining RSC on June 1st. It was a focused team and we did great. ACS is one week away and we’re now focused on that meeting. See you there!

“Today was a moment of pride. It was the first day at the booth…the first time we unveiled RSC-ChemSpider to the world. The IUPAC Congress was busy for us. Graham, Richard and Tony became the representatives for the collective efforts of a VERY large team who, in less than 2 months, have taken a basement-hosted system developed by a small team to a system hosted on the RSC Servers in Cambridge, with a marketing profile that is much higher and more polished than anything previously associated with the “‘Spider”.

It was great. People got it. They searched for chemicals they didn’t expect us to have…and found them. They found their OWN papers on our system….three times just in my hands! They deposited data live. They curated data live. The system was responsive ..and that was on wireless! The ChemSpider Game got great attention…and Richard still holds the record! The ChemSpider shirts were smart. RSC employees were genuinely excited by the opportunity that ChemSpider offers for the society. People who’d never heard of us were rushing home to tell others.

People made interesting comments…”This is the best thing I have seen all day”. “Do you realize how much this will do for the world of chemistry?” We have new potential collaborators. We have people interested in depositing data at a “personal” level, managing their data on our system.

What did they like? Text searching, structure searching, the size and diversity of the database, the nature of what was on the DB (videos, reactions, blog posts etc), speed, the logo, the booth, the game.

Getting here in 2 months has been an amazing achievement and has required the effort of a very large and extended team. We’ve dealt with the geographical challenges (and its time zone challenges). In two months we’ve crossed through the forming and storming stages of functional team development (if this doesn’t ring a bell see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forming-storming-norming-performing) and are now WELL on our way to having a highly functional and productive team to make ChemSpider sing at ACS and well into the future.

The last time I was this happy about a “first day in the booth” experience was many years ago and the product we rolled out then became the dominant standard in the industry and revolutionized the way scientists handled their data.

In my humble opinion the take up for ChemSpider today was BIGGER! People got it.”

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2 Responses to “Our First ChemSpider Booth at the IUPAC Congress”

  1. Gary says:

    I’ve been using Chem Spider of late for nomenclature-related questions… Quite useful for that too when your recollection of chemical naming has gotten fuzzy over the years.

  2. Chris Singleton says:

    So, do you have a shirt I can wear around the Cambridge, MA area where all the Biotech and pharmas are? MAybe we can drum up some more interest!

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