Those of you who read the ChemSpider blog for a while will know the name of Paul Docherty who writes on his TotallySynthetic blog. I have a great appreciation for Paul’s writings and, with permission, have started associating his blog posts directly with the structures, literally inserting the entire blog post, but NOT the comments, into a description for the molecule. For example, see the structure here. We’ve started to go back through Paul’s postings and make his entire collection structure searchable… see There are a lot of old posts to deposit and time will get us there. Everything is posted under CC licenses and with permission.

Paul also writes for the RSC in Chemistry World as, for example, here. With permission from the RSC we are inserting snippets of the article into ChemSpider and linking out to the Chemistry World article, for example: here and here. If you are a registered user you can link your own articles on your websites using the Add URL functionality or you can deposit your own postings onto our site in the same way…feel free to ask us how.

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