I am posting this in order to help one of my “neighbors”, IUPAC in Research Triangle Park. Their office is about 30 minutes from where I live. This is a beautiful area of the world and I encourage people to contact the Secretariat directly should you have an interest in this role.

Post-doctoral Position in Chemistry Informatics

Develop, implement, and support web based applications to enable IUPAC Staff and Committee members to work more effectively. The emphasis will be on development of tools for communication and collaboration to allow scientists working on IUPAC projects to accomplish their project goals while minimizing the need for travel. This will build on the new architecture of the IUPAC web site that uses XML technology to organize the information used by IUPAC members as well as the general scientific public. In addition, methods will be developed to organize and present IUPAC’s information, now contained in books and journal articles, to make it more accessible and more useful.

This position is located at the IUPAC Secretariat in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA and will require considerable travel.

Required background: PhD or equivalent in Chemistry or a related discipline so as to combine a reasonable chemical knowledge with computing expertise; experience with SQL databases and XML coding; excellent written English and the ability to deal with multiple projects simultaneously.

Salary and benefits are competitive and will depend on experience and qualifications.

IUPAC was formed in 1919 by chemists from industry and academia. For almost nine decades, the Union has succeeded in fostering worldwide communications in the chemical sciences and in uniting academic, industrial and public sector chemistry in a common language. IUPAC is recognized as the world authority on chemical nomenclature, terminology, standardized methods for measurement, atomic weights and many other critically evaluated data. In more recent years, IUPAC has been pro-active in establishing a wide range of conferences and projects designed to promote and stimulate modern developments in chemistry, and also to assist in aspects of chemical education and the public understanding of chemistry.

More information about IUPAC and its activities is available at <www.iupac.org>.


John W. Jost, Executive Director

IUPAC Secretariat

P.O. Box 13757

Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3757, USA

E-mail: secretariatATiupacDOTorg

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2 Responses to “Post-doctoral Position in Chemistry Informatics at IUPAC in Research Triangle Park”

  1. binod kumar says:

    I am Asst. Professor in computer sc. in India and doing P.hD. in chemical molecular structure prediction. I am going to complete my P.hD. in Oct,2009. I have done M.Phil in area of bioinformatics and done Master degree in both subject Computer sc and Analytical chemistry.
    I am interested in Post-doctoral Position in Chemistry Informatics.
    So, please provide necessary information in this area to persue post doctrate.

    binod kumar

  2. Dr. Justin Masih says:


    I am Senior Lecturer of Chemistry in India and have also asquired a advanced diploma in Computers management.

    Sir, I am interested in this postdoctoral position in IUPAC. Please send me the required information.

    Justin Masih

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