A few months ago we rolled out the ability to post analytical data onto ChemSpider. The deposition process at this point appears to be seamless. We have had no bugs or failures reported during the depositions of the last 80 spectra. We have had an initial deposition from a publisher as discussed here and believe that ChemSpider does offer an opportunity to many other potential contributors to expose their data to the public. There was an early perception that depositors were transferring copyright of the data to us but that is not the case. We enabled the facility for users to declare their data as Open Data for others to download -some depositors declare it Open and some don’t – it’s their choice.

I encourage all users to consider the deposition of analytical data to ChemSpider. Instrument Vendors  particularly might wish to expose their data from their latest and greatest instruments (new NMR probes, new algorithm processing techniques etc).

We will soon open the ability to deposit images and CIF crystal structure files also. We will use Jmol to display the CIF file. Image deposition will allow us to support 2D spectral data (since JSPecView does not support them yet) as well as photographs of crystals, surfaces etc.

We welcome any further suggestions for online exposure of data.

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