Last night I gave a presentation at the BAGIM meeting in Boston. The abstract is below together with the embedded presentation from Slideshare

ChemSpider – Is This The Future of Linked Chemistry on the Internet?
ChemSpider was developed with the intention of aggregating and indexing available sources of chemical structures and their associated information into a single searchable repository and making it available to everybody, at no charge. There are now hundreds of chemical structure databases such as literature data, chemical vendor catalogs, molecular properties, environmental data, toxicity data, analytical data etc. and no single way to search across them. Despite the diversity of databases available online their inherent quality, accuracy and completeness is lacking in many regards. ChemSpider was established to provide a platform whereby the chemistry community could contribute to cleaning up the data, improving the quality of data online and expanding the information available to include data such as reaction syntheses, analytical data and experimental properties. ChemSpider has now grown into a database of almost 25 million chemical substances, grows daily, and is integrated with over 400 sources, many of these directly supporting the Life Sciences. This presentation will provide an overview of our efforts to improve the quality of data online, to provide a foundation for a linked web for chemistry and to provide access to a set online tools and services to support access to these data.

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2 Responses to “Presentation at the BAGIM Meeting in Boston”

  1. Christine Geluk says:

    Thank you, Antony for a very informative session at last night’s BAGIM dinner meeting! I do have a follow-up question w/r/t Chemspider’s coverage: do you anticipate that there will be ANY molecule in ChemSpider and not in the CAS Registry?

  2. Antony Williams says:

    Absolutely there are molecules in ChemSpider that are not in the CAS registry. CAS have previously indexed ChemSPider ( but they have not this for over a year as far as we know. Our content changes daily so there are definitely differences.

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