My presentation today at the Wolfram Data Summit in Washington DC gave me a chance to rant about the quality of data online and ask the question who really cares? Many of the database hosts don’t appear to care (most don’t respond to emails when I find errors, very few give anyway to annotate an error for example). The talk seemed to be well received and shocked a few people.

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  1. Egon Willighagen says:

    “shocked a few people” … and these are the people that bring us scientific computation? Really, they must be people who have not actually done chemical calculations before…

    Anyway, I would welcome your ideas on how we can upscale the fixing… curation is a resource-limited step… how much entries does ChemSpider fix in this method? What computational method does ChemSpider use to automate fault detection? These are the questions that really matter. This might even be a place where WA could be useful.

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