I am an NMR Jock by training (PhD NMR spectroscopist out of University of London, UK in 1988 with experience in gov’t labs, academia and Fortune 500 America over the years). As the Chief Science Officer for ACD/Labs for over a decade and running an NMR lab for a number of years I have been to the ENC over a dozen times but this week is the first time back at an ENC in 5 years. I am here to present at the ACD/Labs User Meeting about building an online spectroscopy database of spectral curves on ChemSpider and to present two posters on the database and the SpectralGame.com. The presentation and the posters went down very well…I am standing with the posters again tomorrow. I’ve had people shake my hand and tell me what a great system, they will contribute, they will use and congratulations and thanks for providing the system. There have been no detractors, no negativity at all but lots of smiles and kudos all around. I expect we will be receiving new spectral data in the next few days and weeks. Definitely worth being here. The only sad part is the number of people from Europe who failed to make it because of the volcano ash in the air over Europe.

The talk and posters are given below and are on SlideShare.

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