I have been in New Orleans for two days at the SLA conference and talking to librarians about ChemSpider and its direction, grand vision and progress. What a reception. There were two instances where I blushed…and that doesn’t happen often…in fact I’m done for this year now! We were showered with praise for our efforts …and of course given a long list of things to do! That’s always good. I gave two presentations…one as a general overview and the other on “Mobile Chemistry”, my views of what is going on in the domain and an overview of a series of Mobile applications etc. They are embedded below and on slideshare.

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  1. Sean says:

    Tony – the mobilizing chemistry slides are fantastic – you absolutely nailed the topic. Who needs a laptop or PC? Imagine in a company you could look up the compounds in your database, run predictions, submit virtual compounds for synthesis in whatever country, look at bio data coming back from CROs etc.. so much opportunity to close the loop chemistry is big part of it. Free people from their computers but make them mobile. This deserves much more visibility.

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