Some of you may remember that in OCtober of 2007 we are asked to de-index RSC articles which had originally been indexed by the ChemRefer service before we merged the two entities. If you don’t it’s described in detail over on the Open Chemistry Web blogsite. It was really all a misunderstanding based on robots.txt file and communication but, following a really pleasant coffee conversation at the Spring ACS meeting in New Orleans we received permission to re-index the site and received some excellent suggestions as to how to make it better. Here we are again with the RSC Free Access journal articles re-indexed and available for searching via the Literature Search capabilities.

I blogged previously about the results of searching Taxol and paclitaxel about after two additional Open Access journals. I list below the improvement in retrieval of information with and without the RSC indexed

Searching on paclitaxel without RSC gives a total of 745 articles.

Searching on Taxol without RSC gives a total of 1192 articles.

Searching on paclitaxel with RSC gives a total of 818 articles.

Searching on Taxol with RSC gives a total of 1207 articles.

Compare this to Google Scholar searches:

Searching on paclitaxel with Google Scholar gives 262,000 hits

Searching on Taxol with Google Scholar gives 135,000 hits

The numbers are certainly different. Is the quality? I’ll be working on some quality comparisons in time for my talk at the ACS meeting in Philadelphia….

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