We’ve received a lot of kudos, congratulations and praise for our decision to become a part of the RSC. We thank everyone who has gone out of their way to acknowledge the shift in our circumstances. We did have some concern that some people would judge us on “selling out” rather than going it alone. Based on the feedback to date our worries were unfounded.

Tonight the comments of Warren DeLano, developer of the Open Source platform PyMOL (more details here), truly struck a chord with me. His comments are below.

pymol“DeLano Scientific LLC congratulates Antony Williams et al. on the acquisition of ChemSpider by the Royal Society of Chemistry. This historic event provides a compelling example of how an independent open-minded project (open-access, open-data, open-source, etc.) can increase its resources and extend its longevity without compromising on its core mission, as is always necessary when a project “sells out” to a for-profit company beholden to narrow fiduciary objectives.

We hope that the ChemSpider / RSC example will both inspire more open-minded individuals to strike out on their own with similarly ambitious efforts and encourage various non-profit and government entities to actively recruit successful projects back into “the establishment” in ways which do not compromise project integrity and yet can enable even greater long-term positive societal impacts.”

Specifically the statement “without compromising on its core mission” hit me. It’s exactly why the fit with the RSC felt right. RSC are focused on Advancing the Chemical Sciences and look upon ChemSpider as a way to help the community to access information, data and knowledge and bring together chemists, publishers, vendors and other parties. It’s been our mission all along. So, we are not compromised as we have the same intentions. A great match.

Thanks to Warren for the recognition. Much appreciated.

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