I’ve blogged previously about my view of webstat monitors such as Alexa and Compete. I trust more those things that we measure ourself and can objectively analyze. Three of those measures are our own webstats, our Feedburner count for the blog and the number of registered users on ChemSpider who register to curate, annotate and add content. The numbers are as follows now:

Website stats: Over 4000 users per day

Feedburner: Oscillating between 475 and 525 people on a weekly basis

Registered Users: 728 as of today

We are now starting to see traffic to WiChempedia, a consistent stream of depositions, new links to external websites and an increase in the number of DOI linked articles. Overall, traffic is where we hoped it would be at this stage of exposure.

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One Response to “Registrants and Feedburnered Users”

  1. David Bradley says:

    Just a quick note about Feedburner values. Mine oscillate wildly on a daily basis but it’s nothing to do with losing and gaining subscribers, it’s all to do with how Feedburner receives pings from specific news aggregators, such as bloglines, google reader, snarfer etc and how those are used by people day to day. Sometimes it’s a straightforward outage, so your number drops if google reader doesn’t report to Feedburner properly at the right reporting time, other times it can be to do with weekends and holidays where users may not be logging into their reader accounts or may use a different access route from home, say.

    I wrote about this in an item on Sciencetext entitled The Feedburner Myth. As long as the long-term count trend is upwards I don’t think you have anything to worry about day to day or even week by week.


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