Since we went live in March we had a link on the web page for Registration. It is only now enabled so our apologies for the delays. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely. Visit the registration page and sign up to benefit from a number of advantages as well as to become a “contributor” to the site.

I have posted a number of times about the intention for ChemSpider to become Wiki-enabled. While we have not yet layered the full wiki capability onto the system we are about to unveil single structure deposition, multiple-structure deposition and spectrum association with a structure. We already have beta testers testing the spectral association and over 40 spectra have already been added to the database.

The reason we require registration should be fairly obvious. For the purpose of providing access to beta-testers and granting the appropriate rights to submitters and curators we need to have traceability regarding who is making the submissions, the comments and the edits. While we understand this might be slightly invasive it is appropriate to retain a certain level of control over what might show up on the database. We hope we have your support.

Some side benefits of registration include an additional way for us to deliver you updated information regarding new capabilities being introduced to ChemSpider, updates regarding content enhancements and, when the time is right, delivering information to you via a ChemSpider newsletter.

Register today!

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  1. Chandrashekhar says:

    your site is well informed. Keepit up

  2. Chandrashekhar says:

    Send us ChemSpider newsletter

  3. Rishahfaizal Md. Kassim says:

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