ChemSpider SyntheticPages is one of those projects we support for which I have particular affection. For those who haven’t yet taken a look at it – please do so, it is a community resource made by chemists for chemists and is free to access – you don’t even need to register to look at the articles.

The original concept of SyntheticPages was brought to life by a group of academics who developed the original platform and format (and of course the members of the research community who embraced it and submitted articles). When ChemSpider became part of the RSC the concept of a community resource for reactions seemed like a complementary partner to the database of chemical compounds that we had established. With this in mind we were fortunate to collaborate with the hosts of the original SyntheticPages platform and, combining our resources and visions, we provided a new platform for submission. A short presentation about CSSP is online here.

CSSP today is quite well known within a small community of chemists but comments from the audiences that we expose the work to are very positive on the value of the platform and the way that we have developed it to date. Certainly the authors can get 10s of thousands of hits on their articles based on the published statistics! The “Leaderboards” are all available online for anyone to review.

We believe that everyone can see the value of building a directory of reliable, robust reactions that can continue to evolve through feedback and questions. But more that that, we see the potential benefits for:

  • Young scientists as a portfolio of their work that can enhance a resumé
  • Building systems that can contribute to Alternative Metrics  – Already people are developing platforms, such as Impact Story. CSSP presents the perfect opportunity to build such online contributions will become increasingly visible and important for a scientist in parallel, of course, with the present metrics for contribution and reputation.

We are presently working on a new system for “rewards and recognition” for contributors to our online databases and we will be rolling this out in more detail in the near future. It will be our way of recognizing the contributions of our users for their commitment to communicating science to the community using our platform as one of their vehicles to do so. As part of this activity we are also choosing to recognize present and future authors for their contribution of 5 or more SyntheticPages to CSSP. We will be contacting previous authors to ensure that they receive a brand spanking new, off the press, CSSP Lab coat to thank them for making their syntheses available!

Discussing the project to recognise and celebrate the top contributors to CSSP, Dr James Milne Managing Director RSC Publishing said the following:

“The ChemSpider SyntheticPages lab coats are a great idea, as they highlight a number of fantastic contributors, and also the role of CSSP within the broader publishing context. RSC Publishing strives to serve the needs of researchers worldwide, through publishing and disseminating high quality content, and this database of practical synthetic procedures certainly adds to this knowledge base.  I’d personally like to thank these contributors for supporting CSSP through their publications.”

If you haven’t already qualified for a CSSP lab coat by submitting 5 or more procedures; What’s stopping you? We look forwards to reading your submissions…….


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2 Responses to “Rewards and Recognition for the Authors of ChemSpider SyntheticPages”

  1. Dr.Ramesha Ramakrishna says:

    Its a wonderful idea to give CHEMSPIDER SYNTHETICPAGE LABCOAT for CSSP contributors. I am one of the person who liked the concept of ChemSpider Synthetic pages the moment I came to know. The ease of publishing good synthetic procedures, is an excellent opportunity for both academicians and industrial researchers. The best thing I like in CSSP is (unlike regular publication), you can publish a single chemical transformation.

  2. Allie Jacobs says:

    That is a great idea! I love the idea of giving the lab coat as a way to recognize contributors and a way to reward authors. Plus, the logo is really cool. ChemSpider continues to get even better.

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