Some pleasant news was shared today on the CHMINF list server by Richard Kidd, the manager of informatics at RSC Publishing in Cambridge. Richard’s email to the community declared:

“We’ve just released a few new features based around the RSC Prospect project to enhance our articles. Some of these features are cosmetic and improve the look and feel, and some are deeply semantic and a bit specialist – but both take another step towards the future.

On the articles themselves, we now have mouseover popups of chemical structures, improved subject pages and compound pages, compound link through to ChemSpider, and better toolbar and page layout.” and he pointed to an example article here: I went for a click around and found the article. I checked out the structures displayed by hovering over the numbers and then clicking through to the associated records page as shown here. Right there are the links to external resources for SEARCHING…the links do not mean that the structures are necessarily on ChemSpider but that they can be searched on ChemSpider.

rsc1 I clicked on the search for that structure and did not find it unfortunately. However, I deposited it by pasting the InChI into our deposition entry box and converting it. It is now here. I then used the Add DOI function on that record to add the Author, Title and DOI information in about 15 seconds.It’s listed in the Supplementary Information now. A search on this compound will now find that record.

This is a very manual task for adding the information. What is ideal is to deposit a datastream of  structures and D OIs together for the “primary compounds”…I don’t want links to benzene for every record unless it is a primary compound in the article. We’ve already been doing that for the RSC Project Prospect backfile as described previously. I believe a solution for ongoing updates from RSC is feasible…

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