The ChemSpider blog has become very quiet in many ways. For that I am both saddened and realistic….we are very busy with working on improvements to ChemSpider both in the functionality and to the overall infrastructure. You will see these roll out in the near future. I personally am traveling a lot more than previously and engaged in the writing of many articles and presentations. My backlog of articles is over half a dozen and more than that in presentations to prepare. Add to that H1N1 through the household, one little boy in our family with pneumonia and my intention to participate in a mini-triathlon next year and to see that I am distracted would be an understatement.

I hope this “bad news” post is the first of many to get me active on the blog. This bad news post is actually a good news post, we hope. We have been seeing some conflicts between backups and server performance and need to apply some Microsoft Hotfixes and will be taking the system down on Wednesday for about 30 minutes as announced on the HomePage. Our apologies if it causes a disruption.

Service Interruption 07/10/2009
Due to essential maintenance ChemSpider will be unavailable during the following period:
07/10/2009 from 10:30 GMT until 11:00am GMT
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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