I am shamelessly lifting this post from the wonderful blog of Cameron Neylon by way of advertising a symposium that will happen at the end of this week. If you are on the West Coast and want to come and hear about the changes going on in the world.

Science Commons
Image by dullhunk via Flickr

“One of the great things about being invited to speak that people don’t often emphasise is that it gives you space and time to hear other people speak. And sometimes someone puts together a programme that means you just have to shift the rest of the world around to make sure you can get there. Lisa Green and Hope Leman have put together the biggest concentration of speakers in the Open Science space that I think I have ever seen for the Science Commons Symposium – Pacific Northwest to be held on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond on 20 February. If you are in the Seattle area and have an interest in the future of science, whether pro- or anti- the “open” movement, or just want to hear some great talks you should be there. If you can’t be there then watch out for the video stream.

Along with me you’ll get Jean-Claude Bradley, Antony Williams, Peter Murray-Rust, Heather Joseph, Stephen Friend, Peter Binfield, and John Wilbanks. Everything from policy to publication, software development to bench work, and from capturing the work of a single researcher to the challenges of placing several hundred millions dollars worth of drug discovery data into the public domain. All with a focus on how we make more science available and generate more and innovative. Not to be missed, in person or online – and if that sounds too much like self promotion then feel free to miss the first talk… ;-)

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