I’m off to ScienceOnline2010 in a few minutes. It’s the last day of the conference and the experience has been a highly positive one. I’ve finally met people face to face that I have been connected with for over 2 years….and congruency is always good…they are as interesting, passionate and generally nice people face to face as they are online. I also managed to catch up with a number of old friends. I got to meet some new people focused on changing the flow of communication for ScienceOnline and working hard to do so. #scio10 is different….there’s an energy in the air that I haven’t experienced at any other scientific gathering other than SciFoo. This is an audience that is introducing me to social networking tools that I’ve never heard of…that doesn’t happen often. It has to be that over half the attendees are twittering. iPhones are everywhere. Flips are out capturing video in the sessions and are uploaded online shortly thereafter. The conversations are open, opinionated, full of energy and motivating. This is MY type of conference and I’m fortunate to live less than half an hour away.

The dinner event was fun, giggly, five minute “Ignite” talks were given (I gave two …one on Curating Chemistry online and one with JC Bradley regarding the spectral game). The first of those is linked here and shown below.

Today I will be giving a live demo of ChemSpider to anyone interested and around at the end of the conference. It’s nasty weather so people might be leaving early.

I found myself a virtual running partner for my 1000 miles in a year challenge assuming my calf muscle tear heals. We’re going to try and figure out how to raise money for asthma. Anyone want to join us as to form a virtual team let me know…

Bora and Anton have done a tremendous job organizing the conference. Clearly there is a great team supporting them and the Sigma Xi facility is excellent. Terrific conference all around….glad I spent the weekend this way…

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2 Responses to “ScienceOnline 2010 Experiences To Date #scio10”

  1. Anton Zuiker says:

    Glad you were there for the conference, and I was very intrigued by your talks last night. Thanks for participating, and for your kind words.

  2. Antony Williams says:

    Anton…it’s been a very long time since I enjoyed a conference so much. I really hate giving my weekends to conferences for work and there’s only been one in recent years that I didn’t regret…Scifoo. I can now add ScienceOnline… terrific meeting and a GREAT way to spend a weekend.

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