Recently I gave a presentation at Drexel University and it was captured using Camtasia. The presentation was over an hour long and resulted in a >300Mbyte file. I have previously created ChemMantis movies and when I put them online on this blog the resolution was poor when shown through YouTube and I ended up creating a QuickTime Movie instead. YouTube appears to have a 100Mbyte limit so the question is what could I do with a 300Mbyte movie to share it…it reduced to 200Mbytes when I created a Quicktime movie but still was too big for YouTube.

Thanks to my good friend Jean-Claude Bradley from Drexel University he pointed out that SciVee might be a good home for the movie. He was right. I had heard of Scivee a few months ago but had been distracted with other things and hadn’t go back to check it out. What a great site…seamless to work with, great content on there and an ideal home for all of my future presentations too. I’m surprised more people haven’t heard of this resource. I recommend it highly. My SciVee movie is shown below..enjoy the “how to get Camtasia working” moment at the beginning…technologist at work :-)

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