I blogeed previously about the confusion of Talc and DMSO under the name of sclerasol here and pointed to the fact that PubChem was a mixture of both DMSO and Talc. What I like about our community is how fast attention is paid to issues like this. The record on PubChem has already been cleaned up and the confusion resolved. All links back to DMSO and MeSH have been resolved and the collective quality for the community is improved. The outcome of eyeballs carefully curating records like this is to the benefit of all…robots cannot do this…they are fast but mostly dumb to such detail I’m afraid. They can check that molecular formula and molecular weights associated with a structure are appropriate (actually they should be derived FROM the structure/compound!) We keep saying it and WIkipedians around the world would agree, a platform for public curation and annotation is necessary at a time when the amount of data available to the community continues to grow at an astonishing rate.

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One Response to “Sclerasol Record at PubChem Resolved”

  1. Joerg Kurt Wegenr says:

    Now, I am jealous about this, and any other working community platform ;-)

    May the curation be with you … and I agree, agree, and agree !

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