I get a lot of “stuff” sent to me in a day. Other than the usual >150 work emails the inbox is peppered with absurd photos, chain letters, a fraction of spam now the Bayes filter is trained and, once in awhile, something that is truly visionary in nature.

I was blown away by this example of the potential of the semantic web for knitting together images using two technologies – Seadragon and Photosynth. Watch this presentation..take the 7 minutes. Shoot me for saying it…and I know many who criticize Microsoft every chance they can to focus on the world of Open Source, but I’m one of those who believe that Microsoft and Open Source can absolutely co-exist. When I look at what came out of Microsoft Live Labs here with Photosynth all I can say is a big Hoo-haa….this is great stuff! Check out the blog too…keep watching…

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2 Responses to “SeaDragon, Photosynth and a Mind-Blowing Presentation”

  1. Antony Williams says:

    So, I got to thinking…if a camera had a GPS then every image could be written to disk with the coordinates from the GPS…they would likely be absolute in terms of where the person was standing when the photo was taken…direction etc. So, you would have the image, the time the photo was taken, the GPS coordinates and the direction the photo was taken (based on the GPS sensor). Is this how you are knitting images together..is GPS used at all. If not, wouldn’t it be ideal for knitting together your montages? You would be able to take photos and based on dates be able to age the montage…imagine a picture of a mountainside and have the leaves turn, fall and regrow etc. In terms of knitting the images together it just seems right…

  2. Gary Martin says:

    As a professional photographer in my “other life” I have to add that the capabilities for dealing with digital images embodied in the presentation on the software linked above are little short of mind-boggling!

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