spiderman-costumesI’m heading over to the UK shortly for a week-long meeting with the RSC. In case there is any confusion I WILL be an employee of the RSC working on ChemSpider and we are building our ChemSpider team at present. I’m really looking forward to the meeting as I have already met many of the people and they are skilled, focused and yet lighthearted and funny. Yes, funny. Maybe it comes with territory of working with a young, passionate team of people. One thing about the RSC that I enjoyed during my last visit was the ENERGY in the building. The place is buzzing. There is a lot of young passionate energy with mature skills in the building and it is focused on growing the reputation and impact of the society. Even the “older guys” of which I am now one (!) have this youthful spirit that they bring to RSC. It’s great.

BUT, enough is enough. Okay, I might still run 5km a few days a week, and I might still lift weights a few times a week but gravity is not my friend and I do not have the lithe, supple physique that I had as a 30 year old. Add to that twin boys tearing me apart and bilateral rotator cuff injuries from said boys and I have not been able to stay in shape to the level I had hoped this past year. So, imagine my surprise when I am told that for the inaugral ChemSpider presentation to RSC staff in June I will be expected to dress appropriately. Here’s me thinking that meant a shirt and tie (and best behavior) but no…here comes a package with a “party dress” for me. Sure…make fun of the ChemSpiderman moniker why don’t you! Look at that costume. I wouldn’t wear it when I was young and lithe. Not my thing that. Sorry guys, I have my limits..it’ll be shirt and tie and maybe best behavior but no Lycra Spandex Spidey suit for me for my presentation at RSC!

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3 Responses to “Shocked and Stunned at the Required Dress Sense for RSC ChemSpider”

  1. Graham says:

    OKay, we’ll return the suit, but you haven’t seen what we’ll be wearing yet!

  2. Physchim62 says:

    Let it be recorded that the May 19, 2009 meeting of the Wikipedia Chemistry project on #wikichem specifically requested Antony to don the (Chem)Spiderman outfit for the inaugural presentation. Obviously, climbing in through the window and spinning webs from the wrist would have to be subject to UK health & safety law…

  3. Physchim62 says:

    RSC flies get caught in (Chem)spider’s web?

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