We have noticed that despite the millions of InChIStrings and InChIKeys on ChemSpider they are not being indexed very well. Thanks to some constructive feedback from an interested party from Google (Thanks Simon!) we have revamped our URLs and improved the nature of how structures can be identified by various identifiers as shown below. These are now all valid URLs to identify a molecule and, as people mbed such links in their sites, indexing is more likely to be catalyzed.








We will also submit an updated version of our SiteMap to Google and see if we can catalyze the indexing of the InChIKeys and InChIStrings at least. This will definitely help in making the web more structure searchable.

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5 Responses to “Simpler URLS For Better Indexing and Easier Searching”

  1. Jean-Claude Bradley says:

    That is very good news – getting efficiently indexed on Google is key to having ChemSpider become ubiquitous.

  2. David Bradley says:

    Great move Tony!

    Also create a urllist.txt file (it’s like a Google sitemap) and lodge that with Yahoo!


  3. Egon Willighagen says:

    Excellent! I particularly like those which include the InChI(Key), which are rather close to those I use for rdf.openmolecules.net.

    Now, I would love to start talking about a rdf.chemspider.com/InChI=1/bla, which would spit Resource Description Format. Together with that urllist.txt David proposed, you got the largest real world triple list ever composed! That will keep all those KM, and triple store developers busy for a while :)

  4. Antony Williams says:

    David…the sitemap equivalents will be submitted to all appropriate engines..

  5. Antony Williams says:

    Egon, We’re ready to start chatting about this and will do it offline. Sorry for the delay in discussing RDF’ing..you can see we’ve been distracted :-)

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