An article in the latest C&E News discusses the acquisition of ChemSpider by the Royal Society of Chemistry. I certainly appreciate the comments of Robert Massie, President of CAS who stated:  “CAS has worked with Williams in the past,” CAS President Robert J. Massie notes. “We join everyone who is interested in the advance of chemical information in recognizing his considerable contributions. We are delighted to see that his creativity and enthusiasm will continue to benefit the chemical enterprise.”

I worked a lot with CAS while I was at ACD/Labs (over 10.5 years and left there as their Chief Science officer). I was intitmately involved in the development and deployment of a number of software tools and visited Columbus many times. I have many fond memories of working with the CAS team and there are some great people working at the organization. I hope that in my new role at the Royal Society of Chemistry that I will have the opportunity to work with CAS again in a collaborative and cross-publisher manner to the benefit of the  Chemistry Community.

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