We’ve just deposited our ChemSpider structure collection onto PubChem. It amounted to just shy of 18 million compounds. We set a target of 20 million compounds in our database by end of year (and we were actually there until we ran an enormous deduplication process..the deduplicated dataset is yet to be updated to the database and will be done over a weekend). Of course, quality not quantity is important…

We already rolled out an alpha version of the structure deposition gateway and had feedback from a few testers. There has been some re-engineering on the back end and some significant improvements to speed up the approval process for publishing the data online. It will unveil in the next few days (final test cycles acknowledged).

What we are looking for now are more depositors who are interested in depositing their data onto ChemSpider. These data can be from commercial databases, open access/free access databases or from personal data collections. There are significant benefits to the depositors in terms of creating awareness for your data and hopefully driving traffic to your websites (if appropriate). I’ve put together a short overview regarding the benefits for depositors and you can read it here. Contact me at antonyDOTwilliamsATchemspiderDOTcom if you want to suggest a new data source for me to contact. Onwards and upwards

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