The ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry Editorial Board is made up of nine people and the group of participants is listed below. We are on schedule to release a series of articles by the first week of January. At present we have a mixed bag of articles submitted to us by authors as well as a series of marked up articles from the Open Access Chemistry Journals.

Antony Williams (Editor-in-chief)

Antony Williams is the President of ChemZoo Inc. and the Host of ChemSpider. He has spent over a decade in the commercial scientific software business as Chief Science Officer for Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) and during his tenure oversaw their product development, marketing and sales teams. He is an accomplished NMR spectroscopist with over 100 peer-reviewed publications. During his career he was the NMR Technology Leader for the Eastman-Kodak company and has worked in both academia and national government research institutions. He has recently taken his passion for providing access to chemistry related information and software services to the masses by hosting the ChemSpider service, working with the Wikipedia Chemistry system and advocating Open Notebook Science.

Board of Editors

Jean-Claude Bradley (Focus: Organic Chemistry and Open Science)

Jean-Claude Bradley is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Drexel University. He leads the UsefulChem project, an initiative started in the summer of 2005 to make the scientific process as transparent as possible by publishing all research work in real time to a collection of public blogs, wikis and other web pages. Jean-Claude coined the term Open Notebook Science (ONS) to distinguish this approach from other more restricted forms of Open Science. Jean-Claude has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and has published articles and obtained patents in the areas of synthetic and mechanistic chemistry, gene therapy, nanotechnology and scientific knowledge management.

Sean Ekins (Focus: Medicinal Chemistry and Computational ADME/Tox)

Sean Ekins (M.Sc., Ph.D. and D.Sc) is currently Collaborations Director at Collaborative Drug Discovery Inc., consults for several companies as well as being Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Maryland and Adjunct Professor, Department of Pharmacology, UMDNJ. He is on the scientific advisory board for Assay Depot, Emiliem Inc., ChemSpider and the advisory board for Chemical Informatics at Indiana University. Seanʼs interests in computational and in vitro approaches have resulted in ~100 peer reviewed papers and book chapters as well as edited three books to date. He also serves on the editorial boards of several journals.

Rajarshi Guha (Focus: Cheminformatics and Open Science)

Dr. Rajarshi Guha is a visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Informatics at Indiana University. His research focuses on the development of cheminformatics methodologies to address problems in chemical data mining and drug discovery in particular. His research makes extensive use of statistical methods and has been applied to a variety of biological systems. Along with algorithm development, he is extensively involved in cheminformatics software development, including development of toolkits, web services and integration of these into distributed infrastructures. As a believer in Open Source and Open Data, much of his research and software is available under Open Source licenses.

Robert Lancashire (Focus: Spectroscopy and Open Data)

Professor Robert Lancashire, BSc (Honours) Ph D (Monash) held a three year I.C.I. Postdoctoral position at the University of Wales, Cardiff before being appointed to The University of the West Indies at Mona in 1979. He was promoted to Professor of Computational Chemistry in October 2002. His current research is aimed at applying modern computer methods, using personal computers and the Internet, to assist in the delivery of chemical information. His work with MDL Information Systems Inc. in producing a convenient spectroscopic display plug-in for Internet browsers provided the first widely used, public means of freely displaying chemical spectroscopic data. In 2006, MDL estimated there were over 2 million downloads of CHIME worldwide. In March 2006, he released the Java project JSpecView as Open Source. This has now been incorporated into ChemSpider. He serves on the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Committee on Printed and Electronic Publications (CPEP) as well as on its subcommittee for electronic data (SEDS). This subcommittee develops protocols (the JCAMP-DX format) to store spectral data and is used by all instrument manufacturers in their spectrometers.

Cameron Neylon (Focus: Biological Chemistry and Open Science)

Cameron Neylon is Senior Scientist in Biomolecular Sciences at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (UK) and an advocate of the adoption of modern communication tools and open practice in research. His research is generally based on the use of structural and biophysical techniques to unravel the chemistry of biological molecules and the use of biological systems as tools for the chemical modification of proteins. The main current focus is on developing the capability of small angle scattering and allied techniques for the structural analysis of biomacromolecules and their complexes. He writes on Open Science and the application of new tools for the communication and dissemination of research at his blog “Science in the Open”
Igor Presniakov (Focus: Inorganic and Solid State Chemistry, Mössbauer spectroscopy)

Igor Presniakov is Senior Scientist at the Chemistry Department Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia). Research activity in the field of synthesis and characterization of the new inorganic materials. He has been involved in the preparation and study of materials with unusual electronic and magnetic properties, such as metal-insulator transitions, superconductivity or colossal magnetoresistance. More than 110 publications in international journals; invited to deliver lectures at different International Conferences on Solid State Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Science, Crystallography, Magnetism, Superconductivity and Colossal Magnetoresistance. Participated in 9 Research Programs and Projects funded by the Russian Government and the European Community.

Alex Tropsha (Focus: Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modeling)

Alexander Tropsha is K.H. Lee Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products in the School of Pharmacy, UNC-Chapel Hill. He received PhD in Chemical Enzymology in 1986 from Moscow State University, Russia. His research interests are in the areas of Computer-Assisted Drug Design, Computational Toxicology, Cheminformatics, and Structural Bioinformatics. His has authored or co-authored more than 120 peer-reviewed research papers and reviews and co-edited two monographs in the area of computational drug discovery and cheminformatics. He is an elected member of the Board and vice-chair of the international Cheminformatics and QSAR Society.
Joerg Wegner (Focus: Structure-based Drug Design and Cheminformatics)

Jörg is working as scientist in structure-based drug design, molecular modeling, and cheminformatics. He is interested in antiviral drug targets and drug resistance, especially for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The open data, open source, and open standards (ODOSOS) community was critical for his early work as open source project administrator, and for some of his publications. Later, this has lead to a beautiful relationship with other life-science-informatics community members. Now, he is contributing in his private time from a standpoint of a person working in industry, being fully aware that intellectual properties and confidentiality are critical for industrial partners.

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