This is a short post. It’s been a long few days getting the ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry online. There have been family emergencies, technical challenges and the general distractions of ChemSpider’s growing attention. But, the journal has been rolled out with its first collection of marked up articles.

Markup has been performed using our ChemMantis markup platform. ChemMantis stands for Chemical Markup And Nomenclature Integrated System. Markup is fully automated and then manual curation of the markup is performed. In general markup is taking less than 60 seconds and curation of course depends on the complexity of the content.

Over the next few days I will provide more detail about the platform and we will rollout a stack of articles. For now there is a teaser article here. This article is taken from Chemistry Central, with their permission, and my thanks to Jan Kuras for his support. This article is of the “Christmas tree Light” type of markup where we have chemical names, species, elements, chemical reactions, chemical groups, hardware vendors and software vendors all highlighted!!! Whoa…TOO colorful you say???? Simply switch off the “offending” entity classes using the checkboxes as shown in the image below (Click on the Thumbnail to see the full effect please)!

We are continuing to welcome submissions for the ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry. Please contact us at infoATchemspiderDOTcom if you want to submit an article to the journal.

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One Response to “The ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry Goes Live With Teaser Articles”

  1. Mark Bayliss says:

    The markup in the teaser article is extremely powerful and exciting, Tony and the team you have really done a great job here. I know from experience that being able to accurately convert text into structural and other web linked information sources is extremely challenging, what I see in this first article certainly makes me excited for how this type of technology can continue to grow. Certainly the work that is being done on the ChemSpider site to curate the structure libarary will add the necessary and additional accuracy to these markups. An indication potentially of the level of trust in the structure that is included in the markup might be a nice addition, however I can fully understand that getting the balance right between not enough and too much information is always difficult. Please keep this going, it is an amazing resource and well presented.

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