The visit to the ACS Philly came to an end with a visit to see my friend and ChemSpider advisory group member Jean-Claude Bradley. I gave a live presentation of ChemSpider at the university and JC captured it with Camtasia and will be putting the full presentation on YouTube shortly. There were some funny moments including no hits on the first search I did only to note it was a misspelling.

Part of the presentation ended up in a discussion about Open Access publishers and I showed a live demo of our document markup system. JC posted this particular part of the presentation on YouTube already and named it the “ChemSpider revelation”.

I finished the day sitting in front of the Drexel chemistry department Varian Unity Inova 500MHz instrument with Jean-Claude Bradley and his student Khalid Mizra. It’s been a dozen years since I’ve run an NMR spectrometer but it was like getting on a bike. They’d been having problems with S/N on C13 spectra and a couple of hours later we’d calibrated pulses, changed decoupler modulation, optimized the decoupler offset, calibrated the power and were getting spectra in a few dozen scans relative to overnight runs. It was great to be polarized again sitting near a magnet…I admit I have missed it!

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