I gave my talk yesterday at CShals 2009, the conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences.It was a great meeting for me (hindered by dismal access to wireless internet as a result of Marriott’s want to make more money from the conference organizers. They should be ashamed of themselves in this day and age!) as it was not about Chemistry, not about spectroscopy, not even about Open Data, Open Access and Open Source. It was about Semantics. I learned a lot and got to hear Tim Berners-Lee talk about where the semantic web is and where it can go and how can be disruptive in a good way while NOT being too disruptive to layer onto what already exists. The best part of the meetingfor me was the clear passion for the InChI, as well as a lot of acknowledgement that it is not perfect, cannot presently compete with molfiles, commercial systems, CAS Numbers and so on. But, people are optimistic and are waiting and supportive. Overnight I inserted a lot more information about InChIs and how they can be useful, where some of the limitations are presently, how the StdInChI has now added a new level of complexity on one hand and simplifcation on the other. There have already been a number of requests for a copy of the talk so it is up on Slideshare for now (and linked below). I’ll do a voice over in the next few days and upload to Scivee. I unveiled the first version of the InChI Resolver at conference and showed it to a couple of people. The general consensus is we are heading in the right direction. The timing on this conference was good because the intention is to layer on RDF before we release at the ACS, time allowing.

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