I have written previously about the joys and frustrations of participating in the blogging community. One of my greatest joys is what I learn from others in the domain. In regards to the discussions about CAS Numbers I was very interested to read this comment from PhysChim62, a member of the Wikipedia:Chem team, regarding the European Union Database Directive.

I have extracted certain statements from that comment: “The restrictions it purports to impose of the reuse of its product would appear to breach anti-trust legislation on both sides of the Atlantic. Users of CAS databases in the European Union can take heart from Art. 8.1 of the Database Directive (96/6/EC): The maker of a database which is made available to the public in whatever manner may not prevent a lawful user of the database from extracting and/or re-utilising insubstantial parts of its contents, evaluated qualitatively and/or quantitatively, for any purposes whatsoever.”

Now I get to go off and read up on the Database Directive…while ChemSpider is trying to build a structure centric community for chemists I have to acknowledge the benefits to myself personally in terms of what I am learning from the participants in this community and specifically the people commenting on the blog. Thank you to those of you who comment!

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