inchis_rscIn what seems like an eon since I first blogged about the need for an InChI Resolver ChemSpider has continued its efforts to provide valuable resources for chemists while benefiting from the advantages of InChI and working through many associated challenges. I will give a presentation tomorrow at the ACS Meeting here in Salt Lake City (and a gorgeous place it is!) in a session dedicated specifically to the InChI identifier and its increasing penetration into the world of Cheminformatics, publishing and internet Chemistry. The talk will be posted to SlideShare here as usual.


Following the declaration of the need for an InChI Resolver I discussed the project with a number of groups (five in total) and wrote up project descriptions and hypothetical timelines to deliver a resolver. We finally announced a joint project with the Royal Society of Chemistry on December 1st 2008 and started work on producing a beta release version of the resolver by ACS Spring 2009..that would be TODAY. The alpha release went live about 4 weeks ago and logins were provided to a number of interested parties. From all of the people who tested the system we received a couple of bug reports and small requests for enhancement and all of those changes have been implemented just in time to release the Resolver for general public consumption here at the ACS.


We already have a list of things we want to deliver to enhance the system but will be waiting for feedback from the community regarding the value and workflows associated with this system as it functions presently in Beta release. An overview about the system is available here in Powerpoint and shown below. Go try it out at It is in BETA release so send us any feedback please to Thanks! 

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