new-logoWe are just about to head off to the IUPAC Congress in Glasgow and unveil a spiffing new booth. In preparation for the unveiling of our new logo we’ve done some editing to the website and changed the look and feel of some of the pages. These are mostly cosmetic at present and there is little change to the core functionality of the site but we hope that some of the changes make the site a little easier to navigate.

This is the first work we are doing to improve the website and to roll out a redesign of the logo (look out for that logo at the ACS meeting in Washington in a couple of weeks…you’ll see it in a few places and we will have our own booth there too). Over the next few weeks we will be working further to improve the usability and flow of the website and to enhance the core functionality of the platform. Watch this space.

We welcome your feedback on the new logo and, if you don’t see it on the ChemSpider website please refresh the stylesheet using Ctrl-F5.

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6 Responses to “The New Look on the ChemSpider Website – New Logo Unveiled”

  1. Sean says:

    Not a big fan of the logo change and corporate branding – looks like someone stretched the spider legs and removed the web and made it a 2 color name. The old logo/colors had a certain amount of (rustic) charm and not sure they needed a touch of paint. What they got looks too generic -very – ish (, Lots of empty space – could almost add some messaging or RSC ads along the top – ticker tape style – or move the search box down from the top right of the screen and make it bigger and visible!

    Other than that -keep up the great work. My only wish is make it faster, but focus on content.

  2. Gary says:

    I looked at the logo last night and didn’t much care for it… figured I’d see how it struck me in the morning. Got up this morning and still don’t like it. I guess to me it looks like some kind of graphic that you’d find in the phone book ad for a cheap exterminator who couldn’t afford CYMK printing costs and opted for just the “C”.

  3. Markus Sitzmann says:

    To say something else to my 2 pre-posters: I really like the new logo, I think it is much cleaner and very recognizable. Also the general styling of the pages looks much cleaner. However, the page navigation with two navigation bars (a horizontal one and a vertical one) is a little bit confusing – sometimes they overlap in a strange way, for instance, after hitting the top image for going home to, the left navigation bar gives me an additional “Home” link as choice (which actually does nothing). And “Search” occurs then in both navigation bars – both apparently going to the same sub page (although one link is to SimpleSearch.aspx, the other one to Search.aspx … and BTW, do we really need those .aspx extensions in the URLs :-) )

  4. Danni says:

    Bring back the old spider—this thing looks like an Anasazi petroglyph—and they’re extinct.
    The thing that makes Chemspider so attractive (a blog/query of some weeks ago) is it is focused(both in content and compound coverage), factual(accurate informatic content), and free.

    The byline of the new RSC Chemspider should remain “We don’t have to be snazzy to be good…we are good and always have been.”
    There was nothing wrong with old symbol—keep it.

    Tony Williams ‘constrained to a booth’ during working hours? Great to see the evolution/growth Tony.

  5. Martin Walker says:

    Well, after comparing the two I definitely like the new look! I’m not very artistic, but as I see it, the new logo stands out on the page much more than the old one. The old logo was large, but the colour scheme didn’t really bring it out at you; the new one is much smaller and sharper, IMHO.

  6. Kate says:

    I like the old logo and please bring it back. The old logo is well received and the simple, but distinct “Spider” does a great job as logo of this very popular, widely used database.

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