I run a Google Alert to see what is said about ChemSpider out on the web. Mostly congratulatory stuff, some confusion about all we have done is put a new interface on PubChem (huh?) and some general misinformation. I was pleasantly surprised, nay confused, to read this one today:

Google Blogs Alert for: chemspider

InChIMatic, ChemSpider and UsefulChem
By woyinniscora
He’ve been workday to Ostentatious Williams for part ChemSpider in lieu of this object. UsefulChem blown over a sutler inbound ChemSpider from multitudinous weeks and lordship on our molecules except the molecules blog get the idea been
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I am indeed proud to have Lordship over peoples molecules but my favorite is

“On good terms the juxtapositive sporadic days the hegemonic 68,000 molecules exclusive of the CombiUgi conjure up be expedient occur syncretized all included.”

Oh…the things people say…..

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  1. Thriving Apodaca says:

    Gotta love fake blogs…

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