An update regarding the Domoic Acid chemical structure – I am seeing a lot of conflicting information now about the E/Z orientation for the side chain adjacent to the ring in Domoic Acid and am working to bring everything together at present. I believe that the original structure I marked as correct is actually INCORRECT. Oh, the oy of structure curation. We’ve resolved one stereo center and now there is double bond orientation confusion. Curation is a long and tiring job…

UPDATE: Okay…everything is checked. The structure I originally suggested IS the correct structure and a new PNG image file has been provided to the Wikipedia Chemistry team today and will be uploaded shortly. The problem is that the images from Wikipedia have already proliferated as seen here with Zemanta, a plug in for images I use on the Wrdpress blog. Notice no-stereo on the side chain methyl…


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  1. Lon White, MD, MPH says:

    does anybody have any idea if domoic acid might persist in the brain years after exposure? the organochlorines persist in the white matter for decades after exposure, obviously reflecting their lipid solubility, and we have seen them in autopsy samples of brain tisssue at age 75-95 in men who were plantation workers at age 45-65. We also see a lot of unexplained hippocampal atrophy. Would be interesting if we could detenct evidence of domoic acid exposure during life. thanks. Lon

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