I’ve previously posted about the work going on regarding the NMR Game…now morphed to the spectral game and described in detail by JC Bradley. We’ve been working hard to increase the number of spectra available as part of the game (now in the 100s of spectra!) and Andy has been working hard to improve the flow of data. The original structure images have been replaced with ChemSpider structure images and we have delivered a web service to allow Andy to continue to update the spectral collection as more data are added to the database.

When users see issues with the spectra they get to leave comments regarding their observations. This can be very valuable for us to curate the spectral data. This will allow us to perform game-based crowdsourcing of the spectral data and the feedback is already of value.

We have about another 30 spectra to add to the present collection of spectral Open Data and then we’ll take a break and I’ll be approaching the spectrometer vendors and a few other friends to see whether they have any data to contribute to the game. We are already considering adding the ability to add a “Company Logo” to be associated with a spectrum so that the vendors/contributors get fair recognition for their contribution to the game. If you are interested in providing data we will upload it for you. Contact us at infoATchemspiderDOTcom.

JC Bradley has now uploaded a short tutorial to YouTube regarding how to play the movie and I have embedded it below. JC’s also announced a prize for the best player. Go test your skills..

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4 Responses to “The Spectral Game as an Educational Tool”

  1. Ryan Sasaki says:

    Can we upload 2D NMR spectra?

  2. Antony Williams says:

    2D NMR spectra CAN be uploaded but are not supported by JSPecView at present. The spectra would need to be uploaded as image files (prefably PNG or GIF files). If anyone wants to send some example files then I can upload them as an example.

  3. Wolfgang Robien says:

    Nice game !

    The reality can be found on


  4. Jogo dos espectros says:

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