The Spectral Game at is powered by chemical structures and spectra from ChemSpider. A provisional form of our manuscript regarding this paper is now online at the Journal of Cheminformatics here:

The Spectral Game: leveraging Open Data and crowdsourcing for education

Jean-Claude Bradley , Robert J Lancashire , Andrew SID Lang and Antony J Williams

Journal of Cheminformatics 2009, 1:9doi:10.1186/1758-2946-1-9

Published: 26 June 2009

Abstract (provisional)

We report on the implementation of the Spectral Game, a web-based game where players try to match molecules to various forms of interactive spectra including 1D/2D NMR, Mass Spectrometry and Infrared spectra. Each correct selection earns the player one point and play continues until the player supplies an incorrect answer. The game is usually played using a web browser interface, although a version has been developed in the virtual 3D environment of Second Life. Spectra uploaded as Open Data to ChemSpider in JCAMP-DX format are used for the problem sets together with structures extracted from the website. The spectra are displayed using JSpecView, an Open Source spectrum viewing applet which affords zooming and integration. The application of the game to the teaching of proton NMR spectroscopy in an undergraduate organic chemistry class and a 2D Spectrum Viewer are also presented.

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One Response to “The Spectral Game: leveraging Open Data and crowdsourcing for education”

  1. hko says:

    Need help. Looking at figure 2 (page 24), I am not able to decide which is the correct structure.
    Perhaps somebody can help me. Might be useful to compare structures and spectra of CSIDs
    70368, 17216135, 19971025 and 21169052.

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