We continue to expand the ChemSpider Database with new depositions sourced from various collaborators. We are especially privileged to have received the RSC’s structure collection associated with their Project Prospect articles and have spent a couple of weeks working with the data prior to depositing onto ChemSpider. During the deposition process we have formed the link between the chemical structures and their articles via a DOI link. We have been able to deposit the title, an associated author and the DOI. In this way we have been able to link thousands of chemical structures to articles on the RSC website. On each record associated an RSC article you will see both a link from the data source table and a link via DOI from the reference as shown here and in the figure below.

rsc_linkWith the RSC depositions came many beautiful structures – highly symmetric, complex and just plain “pretty” to a chemist. But a high level of complexity also arrived with the collection and while many InChIs could be converted to their associated connection tables the act of converting the InChIs could add additional stereochemistry and structure cleaning could change stereochemistry so this was a long, tedious and mostly manual process I’m afraid. Nevertheless, a wonderul addition to the ChemSpider database and our sincere thanks, on behalf of the community too, to the Royal Society of Chemistry for sharing their data with us. The InChIs will be deposited into the InChI Resolver shortly.

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