Last week we unveiled the ability to deposit spectra to ChemSpider and initiated some beta-testing. Based on our own testing and the feedback from our users we are rolling out the deposition of spectra to all users and described here.

We have also unveiled the ability to curate synonyms online as described on ChemSpider news here. This moves us further to our wiki-enabling of the ChemSpider system.

In order to use both of these capabilities you must be a registered user of the system. Sign up as described here.

We welcome your feedback on these efforts!

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  1. Ryan's Blog on NMR Software says:

    Would you like to freely share your spectra?

    I’ve blogged and pointed a little bit to the ChemSpider service over the last few months. It’s a service that my former colleague, Tony Williams along with others is working on, so I think it has great potential. It looks

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